​Discover the energies you were born to express

with a Birth Chart Reading with an Astrologer-in-training.

What makes you tick? What keeps you stuck? Astrology takes what's true for you and grounds it in the big picture of this vast, intelligent universe we call home. It is proof of our inherent connection to all that is. It's beauty, synchronicity and mystery. It’s logic and creativity rooted in deep, ancient knowledge. The confluence of these universal elements inform who we are and point us to what makes us happy and alive as individuals, part of a whole. 

After years of curiosity and dabbling Annie was truly bitten by the astrology bug and started diving into it more deeply in 2019. This interest led her to take part in an interactive and enlightening class in early 2021 which blew open what she thought possible. Turns out astrology wasn’t just a fascinating way to understand oneself - it could be used for healing, for finding balance and ultimately as a set of directions to finding one's greatest fulfillment in life. Magic!

Beginning her formal training through Astrology University beginning Fall 2021, and starting with friends and family as her astro guinea pigs in the meantime, Annie is building her skill in reading birth charts. As she continues this journey of learning and discovery she will have a small number of practice sessions available each month by donation.

60-minute Zoom Video Call

Session Fee -  By Donation 


*Have your place, date and time of birth ready when you book.


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