Embark upon a guided visualization in a state of deep relaxation to uncover root causes of issues, clear away blockages, and find freedom.

The journey method is a process of deep inward discovery, of uncovering your body’s wisdom, and of feeling, healing and clearing out what’s stuck and no longer serving you. Done through guided visualization, each process is truly a personalized co-creation between facilitator and client. By the end of each session you’re left feeling lighter with more clarity and capacity to reach your goals.

Curious how the Journey Method can serve you and your life? Annie has witnessed folks from all walks of life heal and transform in so many ways. Here are some examples:


  • Release of fear that allows the ability to move forward in an area where previously stuck - such as moving past the need to “hide” in a profession or social settings, to overcome phobias, or to prepare for something coming up

  • Finding true closure and freedom from difficult times in the past, creating space to design new realities going forward

  • Moving through grief, completing unfinished business with deceased loved ones

  • Releasing ancestral or past life imprints that have been showing up as depression and other unwanted emotional patterns

  • Freedom from chronic and repeated physical ailments (such as strep throat)


The Journey could be for you if: 


  • You have insight into your patterns of stuck-ness and a deep desire to gain freedom from them 

  • You have a felt sense of your own resiliency and feel accountable for your wellbeing

  • You trust in the Universe/God/divine order (or whatever you call that big force in your world that has your back)


​While many people experience profound transformation within a couple of sessions, ongoing work is highly recommended as we can truly begin to peel back the layers. Sessions are approximately 90 minutes long, are offered in packages of three and five and include between session check-ins. Check-ins are 20-30 minute pre-booked phone calls and can aid greatly in the process.

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$450 Package of 3

$625 Package of 5


*48 hour cancellation policy, unless in case of emergency.

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