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Accredited Journey Practitioner & Astrologer-In-Training

Sensitive, curious and daring by nature, Annie is driven by a deep thirst to understand the nature of what it is to be human, and how to be freed from the difficult parts of our humanity. Her drive to unlock the human experience stems back to her early years and was kindled through navigating childhood as a highly emotional being. Since her early teens Annie has been joyfully diving into bodies of work related to personal freedom and the spirit, and her curiosity has taken her from various types of energy work and therapies, the experiential study of ontology, a journey through the twelve steps and back again. 


Beginning a family in her early twenties and riding the wild waves of navigating the early years of parenting and partnership only served to deepen her passion for freedom and wellness. 


Eventually she made her way to the Journey in 2017 and after experiencing it for herself and watching two of her dearest family members benefit enormously from seeking it out themselves she just knew she needed pursue the training. Beginning her Journey studies in Toronto and working with clients at Robin’s Nest Family Care in Guelph to complete her case studies, Annie completed her Journey training in the Netherlands in 2018.  


Lover of all things beautiful and mysterious, what lights Annie up most in this world are the moments where divine order shows itself. Upon reading Chani Nicolas’s book on astrology titled You Were Born For This, Annie learned about the function of her own12th house Aries sun. “A person with this placement can develop a deep respect for the human condition and how we might ultimately get to our own liberation.” She felt so witnessed and seen for her essence through reading this, that it put her on the path to seeking formal astrology training.


Excited at the prospect of combining the wisdom of astrology with the healing potential of the journey method Annie’s mission is to see people in this world liberated and reaching the fullness of their potential. Not quite like any other time in history, now more than ever we need people to shed what’s keeping them small and keeping them from doing what life is calling them to do. Dedicated to this vision, Annie loves helping people get to their own healing potential so that they can release whatever is in the way of stepping into their powerful fullness and living the life that lights them up. Annie is a healer who excels at deep listening to both her clients and to her own intuition. Her sessions are designed to allow you to not only release what’s in the way but to get clear on what you want to create in the space that arises from this letting go.

Annie lives with her partner-in-crime Kyle, their two beautiful children and family dog Tillie in downtown Guelph. 

Annie Corbin Healing Arts